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According to a company blog post, Facebook started developing Safety Check after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan as a way for people to “check on loved ones and get updates.” October 2014 was when the latest version of the tool was launched in a form of a notification system after natural disasters.

In response to the Paris terror attacks that killed 129 people and injured 352, Facebook turned on Safety Check which is the first time it has been used in response to a crisis caused by human activity.

Facebook however, drew sharp criticism in the aftermath as to why didn’t activate its Safety Check feature where two suicide bombers killed 43 people and wounded hundreds of others in Beirut, Lebanon.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook was quick to respond to these criticisms in a comment added to a status update:

“Many people have rightfully asked why we turned on Safety Check for Paris but not for bombings in Beirut and other places. Until yesterday, our policy was only to activate Safety Check for natural disasters. We just changed this and now plan to activate Safety Check for more human disasters going forward as well. Here’s more detail on Safety Check and our policy for deploying it from the Facebook Safety page:

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with questions and concerns about this. You are right that there are many other important conflicts in the world. We care about all people equally, and we will work hard to help people suffering in as many of these situations as we can.”

Facebook’s vice president of growth, Alex Schultz, said that the company will activate Safety Check for “serious and tragic incidents in the future.”

Facebook considers the scale, scope and impact of a natural disaster when it decides whether to activate Safety Check and this is what Schultz wrote. After earthquakes in Nepal, Afghanistan and Chile, as well in the aftermath of Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines and Tropical Cyclone Pam in the South Pacific are 5 incidents in 2015 in which Facebook has activated the tool.

He further stressed that the tool, “has helped many people stay in touch with their friends and family during difficult times. We’re going to continue working to make it better and more useful.”

Schultz adds, “We create products that we think will help people and we work hard to perfect the solution over time.”

A user wanting to look for products or services relevant to his or her needs, typing relevant keywords will make this possible, and websites will be there to choose. Thus, the importance that a business owner should make it imperative that the website will be there on the first page of the search engines’ results pages. This may be hard task to do owing to the thousands of websites fighting for these top placements. However, there is a strategy to do this, and SEO is this thing, the process of structuring a website and its contents so that it will be found and listed on the top pages of the search results pages, and to make the most of this ambition, to be found on the top of the listing. The first thing to do is making the web contents relevant, and SEO strategies are done for this objective. It can be tough since others are also doing this, thus competition is high. However, with the aid of the experts, this can be achieved, and this can be Miami SEO Expert extending this help.

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SEO is this web strategy to be listed on the top pages, although there can be several of your competitors also vying for this top placements. It can be tough since there are also several of these strategies to be done, on its own or combined with several of these strategies. SEO can be done yourself since strategies are easy to find in the internet. However, since it can be a tough act and you can never be sure that you will get even initial success, getting the aid of the experts can be the best thing to do.

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SEO is able to make use of online advertising that is done through search engine websites. A search engine’s result page displays a subtle yet quite effective way of advertising a particular product or service. The reason behind this is that online users are usually the ones looking for information when they look something up through a search engine website. Be it a product or a service, the very first ones that shows up in a search engine’s result page are usually the ones who will be visited most often.

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