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Social media metrics can be a very good determining factor on how successful your website is to the online community. However, this number alone is something websites owners should not be focusing of as this can be quite deceiving. Be careful of the ways those metrics can deceive you.

Your brand is something your friend and followers might not care about

It might look good on paper to have a considerable amount of followers on Twitter however, these followers are can be useless if half of them are spam accounts while the other half aren’t interested in your brand at all. This is quite true especially since anyone can click a “like” or a “follow” button. It is best to establish genuine relationship and engagement with your followers with regards to your brand.

Social traffic many not result to brand engagement

For website owners, traffic isn’t everything. Of course traffic is important but this number alone is not enough to produce satisfying results. Be certain to analyze that traffic to determine its actual value.

It is possible to receive social shares from bots

More shares lead to a good thing and this is considered to be a general rule. With that being said, not all shares are equal. Don’t go assuming directly that a human is totally invested in your brand with him sharing your content to their followers and fans. This is indeed quite true with the existence of bots and they can mess up the figures easily.

Links are more valuable than shares

Links greatly outweigh shares due to the fact that they pass more authority to your site and your chance of generate referral traffic over a longer period of time is becomes relatively higher. This is why aside from looking at your shares you also need to pay close attention to the number of links that you are getting.

Your reputation can be harmed with brand mentions and shares

Content getting share does not necessarily that those who did all the sharing are intended to favor your brand. Criticizing your content or mentioning your name in an attempt to slander you is also a possibility and you should be wary about it as it can result to a negative publicity.


Impressions does not instantly result to you getting seen

Metric to track how many newsfeeds your content and posts have shown up for can be found through “impressions” which most social media platforms offer today. With that being said, this is not the actual number of times your post was seen but the number of opportunities for your post to be seen.

On Thursday, Facebook announced the rollout of a new “Reactions” buttons, in which it allows users to respond to posts with six emoji-inspired faces, as well as the traditional Like.

The new options will appear alongside the familiar thumbs-up icon and all the user will need to do is to press and hold the Like symbol to activate Reactions

You can see how this new feature works in the video below which was posted by Chris Cox, chief product officer at Facebook.

In the video description Chris also shared his insights about this new feature saying, “As you can see, it’s not a “dislike” button, though we hope it addresses the spirit of this request more broadly. We studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun. Starting today Ireland and Spain can start loving, wow-ing, or expressing sympathy to posts on Facebook by hovering or long-pressing the Like button wherever they see it. We’ll use the feedback from this to improve the feature and hope to roll it out to everyone soon.”

Back then in September, Marc Zuckerberg said that the company was working on a feature to satisfy people who’d been asking for new ways to interact with posts. A number of individuals assumed that this would be the inevitable “Dislike” button, however these new options allow for a greater range of responses.

So now if you Facebook users can have the option to react to different posts found in their newsfeed in a more effective manner without necessarily drawing the attention and ire of the online community.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook came up with the six new emoji reactions by studying which comments and reactions are most frequently and widely used across the site.

According to a Thursday post by Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, the feature will be tested first in Spain and Ireland and will be available on both mobile and desktop versions when it launches.

Generation Y is what marketers want to reach and for a good reason. Known as millennials, this demographic were born between 1980 and 2000 and beginning 2017, will collectively spend more than $200 billion, which comes out to $10 trillion over the course of their lifetimes.

Is it possible for businesses to connect with this purchasing powerhouse? Compared to older generations, millenials aren’t as responsive to the TV commercials and print advertisements. They are however highly engaged with video. Listed below are three reasons on how incorporating video towards your marketing campaign will help you reach millenials.

  1. Encourage millennials to go through the purchase process

In a recent consumer study by Animoto, when researching a product or service, eight out of them millennials find video to be helpful. If they can watch a video explaining it beforehand, consumers are 85% more likely than baby boomers to purchase a product or service.

  1. Make buzz on social networks

Facebook revealed in June 2015 that its users watch 4 billion video streams every day. The numbers definitely does not lie as video has become increasingly relevant as a social medium. This is the reason why Social media platforms have become a destination where millennials keep up with not only friends, but also with several companies and brands.

  1. Produce results and keep millennials engaged

Companies that produce video content are considered to be experts on their product or service by nearly half of millennials.  Companies that capitalize on the growing popularity of branded video content will be seen as early adopters and interesting brands to follow.

Furthermore, improving brand reception is not the only factor that a video accomplishes but it also drives results. Last year, Twitter found videos boosted retweets by 28% by analyzing 2 million tweets posted over the course of a month.

Brands need to understand that millennials simply prefer video over text aside from the fact that businesses take advantage of videos. In an Animoto survery, two-thirds of millennials said that they would rather watch a video from a company instead of reading text.

What is the big payoff?

There is no denying that millenials enjoy the being online and the time they spend in the social media. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have any videos online particularly if you are a business who is engaged in selling a product or service. Now may be the best time to start if you’re still not using video to market to Generation Y.

Web marketing can give many benefits to a potential marketer. The trend these days is online marketing and you have to go with this trend, if you are a potential marketer or already is one, but doing the traditional offline marketing. With online or web marketing, information can be acquired quickly by users or potential buyers, looking for what they need. They only need their computer and in the comfort of their homes, or when they go to other places, they can get information on what they want, after they search online. Thus, lesser efforts are exerted, making online marketing very convenient to many. If you are a business marketer, think of web marketing, if you are not yet ding one. However, web marketing is also not as easy as you may think, and you may need the help of the experts, if you want to get quick success. This can be the web marketing companies that can help you, and can be Miami Web Marketing, giving you many benefits.

With marketing on the net, you will not only be limited to local, and if you want global market, you can do this. With web marketing, you can get potential customers from the other side of the globe, and this can widen your market. Online marketing has a wide reach, and if you have products that can be a global market one, you will have all the good chances to succeed. However, you will need the very efficient web marketing efforts implemented, and you may have a hard time doing this on your own. If you are in this predicament, get the professional help, and there are web marketing companies that can gladly help you obtain online marketing success.

Web marketing is the trend these days because one can observe that consumers are changing on the way they have their buying decisions. If they are looking for something, they will just pull out their computer gadgets and make a search. If you are not found on the internet, you will lose on these prospective sales. However, you will need the good web marketing strategy to implement also so that you will be effectively seen once these customers make the search.

Marketing on the internet can also be less expensive to a prospective web marketer, in the overall concept of putting up a business where you will need a good location and also hire more personnel to handle the manual works and other things. With web marketing, you don’t need to rent a place for your business location and you probably only need a warehouse for your stocks and products.

Web marketing can also be lesser expensive, with lesser staff to hire, for the handling of your products for sale. What is just needed is the efficient web marketing efforts so that you will be seen by potential customers once they make the search for whatever they want. This efficient web marketing efforts can be done with good help, and this can be Miami Web Marketing giving you good chances of getting web success.