Link2City will make it possible for your company to send emails in bulk with their E-mail Blast program!’s Email Blast Marketing- Retain more Business and turn a Larger Profit!!

Email Blasts are safe, secure and profitable. Email blasts is a profit- generating tool that will drive traffic to your website and help you convert the maximum amount of visitors to buyers. It is cost effective and easy to use…

Email Blasts is email marketing that makes it possible for businesses and organizations to send out a large number of email messages at one time. Sending email messages from a database of recipients is regarded as one of the best methods of email marketing to date.

The most powerful email marketing program available:

Link2City provides full service solutions to your Internet marketing and website needs. Email marketing programs like E-Mail Blast makes it possible to send very large numbers of personalized emails from your database or email list.

No Internet marketing program is complete with a cost effective method of reaching your targeted market via e-mail. The E-mail Blast program provided by Link2City is easy to use, extremely flexible and highly customizable.

Send company newsletters or a one-time offer personalized for each email recipient. The email marketing professionals at Link2City will show you just how easy it is to email all the recipients in your data base or email list, because Internet marketing without a sales-driven email campaign is a missed opportunity to make money.

At Link2City we know that you cannot afford to implement and deploy an Internet marketing program that does not address and exploit every method that can be used to increase your bottom line, because if you are not making money you are losing money.

You could be getting more business and making more money today:

Use Email Blast or you can let your competitor implement one of the best methods available to generate sales, profit and traffic…


Link2City’s Email Blast program has been an amazing way to get word around to everyone about new offers, specials product and services that business provides. Email Blasts has certainly opened up the flood gates.



Contact Link2City now and begin making your email list. Make your business known with the help of Link2City’s E-Mail Blast program.

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