We help businesses utilize Internet technology to design user friendly website that is marketing/ sales focused, optimize site code to be search engine friendly that focuses on target market and develop backend applications to maximize site usability and reduce operation overhead. Link2City excels in providing superior search engine optimization services.

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At Link2City, we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients for the long term. Below are some of the kind words our valued clients said about their experience Our greatest testimonial continues to be the fact we have over 90% retention with clients with us for over 4 years.

“Link2CITY has provided top notch service, we are very pleased and impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and expertise we have enjoyed so far.”

Nick- On Gossamer, Inc

“Your service has been simply excellent – it exceeds all expectations”

Douglas- Massage Review Publications, Inc.

Since April 1, 2007 we’ve seen a definite increase in responses and sales from the search engines and I just wanted tell you that we’re very happy with your performance as our sales have increased 400%.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Rich – Motorcycle World

“Your marketing efforts have really helped improve our online sales beyond belief. We just moved from a 4,000 square foot office to a 20,000 square foot one. We are very glad to be doing business with you.”

Magda – Miami Real Estate

“We are extremely pleased with the efforts of Link2City in relation to the development of site traffic and ranking of our website. Our increased website ranking has allowed us to do profitable business with rising clientele & customer satisfaction. Link2City has helped us deliver integrated marketing solutions with their viable SEO strategy. We are grateful to them.”

Michael – Travel Fun

“What a difference your optimizing my site has been. I know I was getting impatient but you told me it was going to happen and it did. My orders have been doubling each week. I want to thank you for getting my site to the top of the search engines. You are very good at what you do.”

Russell – Eureka Software

“In the past year roughly 5% of our leads came from the Internet. In the past few months that has jumped to just over 50%. One Internet lead that we started work on this week is valued at over $38,000. But big or small we like them all.
I am convinced this is a combination of your continued work on our organic positioning on the Web as well as the pay per click campaign which I would highly recommend, but only to those people who want to grow their business.
Your ability to get us to the top of the pack almost overnight has been wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Alexandra- Mattress World


Before I came to Link2City, I have gone through 3 search engine marketing companies, paid a lot of money with dismal result. I hesitated to come to Link2City because I have been burned before by big companies. Most big companies are very good for "big business" but terrible for "small business" because we are unimportant to them. I know that not all agencies are equal but Link2City is truly a needle in the haystack.

Furniture Retailer – S Perkins   


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