We help businesses utilize Internet technology to design user friendly website that is marketing/ sales focused, optimize site code to be search engine friendly that focuses on target market and develop backend applications to maximize site usability and reduce operation overhead. Link2City excels in providing superior search engine optimization services.


Search Engine Marketing

Get found when people are looking

When someone is looking for your product or service and you are not on the first page of Google, you risk the chance of no traffic, no customers, and no sales! Our Search Engine Marketing Plans (SEO/PPC) will get your business found and noticed. It can multiply your impact massively by getting your website in front of the right audience. It can generate leads, qualify prospects and attract potential new customers, partners or investors!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has the tools to increase your sales and Link2CITY has the brains to make it happen

Social Media has the ability to reach people who have a relationship with your business and who are inclined to be customers. These prospects are a priority to reach because they are already interested in what your business has to offer. We can even target new prospects who are most similar to your current clients. This allows you to expand your client base which can positively increase your business profits. Statistics how that by targeting and retargeting specific customers, they are 3 times more likely to click on your ad.

Video Marketing

The future of content marketing

Statistics show 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching an interesting video. In addition, 3 in 4 people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. Not only does videos boosts conversions to sales but it also build trusts and social shares.

Website Accessibility (ADA Compliant Website)

Did you know that you can be missing out on business?

More than 56 million people in the United States are living with a disability and need help to navigate the Internet. As a result, if your site is not ADA compliant you can be in a heap of trouble and end up being forced to make your site accessible. Link2City offers a variety of services to help bring your website into compliance with ADA accessibility standards so that you are protected from any legal actions.

Local Directory Submission Service

You need to be found on mobile when people are looking!

Get found on all the popular mobile application and well as all the popular GPS mapping applications by making sure that customers receive accurate, complete, and compelling information about your business at every turn. Rank high in Google and have correct information everywhere with our Local Directory Submission Service.

Website Design and Optimization

One picture is worth a thousand words!

Take the time now to review your web presence. Things to consider are page speed, ease of navigation, usability and mobile responsiveness. Do you have the right call to action? How is your content? Do you need to update the text? What about security? Are you protected from malware and distributed denial of service or man in the middle attacks? It is time to be proactive and not reactive– it is much easier to setup security right from the start, than it is to clean it up after a compromise.

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