We help businesses utilize Internet technology to design user friendly website that is marketing/ sales focused, optimize site code to be search engine friendly that focuses on target market and develop backend applications to maximize site usability and reduce operation overhead. Link2City excels in providing superior search engine optimization services.

Link2city Utilizes Green Practices to help make the World Better and Safer


Implementing Green options and solutions for Internet users will make the world a safer place. Green practices are Eco friendly options and solutions that reduce the carbon footprint and pollutants. Eco friendlyoptions include reducing the use of paper, and implementing renewal energy solutions. Green practices are renewable energy options like solar and wind power. Reducing pollution with greens technology will reduce energy cost and make air we breathe less harmful and Link2City is dedicated to making our environment a safer place for us all.

Internet energy consumption and is only matched by the airline industry. Internet use has grown faster than any other industry in the history of the world. Each year Internet use doubles, along with the carbon footprint of Internet users.

Green solutions have a positive affect on the environment. We share your desire to implement eco friendly solutions, like website hosting options that reduce the negative impact, of increasing Internet use.

Our website hosting servers are energy efficient solutions that reduce energy consumption and subsequent greenhouse gasses. Link2city computer workstation monitors are manufactured using renewable energy and have “green tags” that earn them Renewable Energy Certificates.

Link2city utilizes “Paperless” billing options. We have implemented every available option that is known to improve our service to our clients, as we offset our carbon footprint. Digital billing gives us an opportunity to provide you with accurate and eco friendly accounting documentation. Paperless billing is energy efficient because a paper trail pollutes the environment.

Our data center is also energy efficient. Utilizing weatherizing solutions that keep cold air out in the winter and cool air in during summer months, is just one of the eco friendly solutions we have implemented at Link2city.

We will not let you miss opportunities to implement green solutions. Every time your website is accessed by traditional website hosting server is a missed opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Every time your website is accessed by the eco friendly servers at Link2city, is a seized opportunity. Contact us — Seize the day–protect your future and the environment.


So far it's been a tremendous experience with Link2City in general because you guys have really met our expectations. It's been quite amazing. My management team and my boss are very, very happy with the relationship we have with Link2City. Thank You.

Clothing Retailer – T Shelley   


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