Link2City utilizes and relies in a variety of sales-driven internet marketing programs that will land your business online website on TOP! Re-Sellers re-sellers can provide sales-driven Internet marketing programs that include, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media and public relations campaigns, for new and existing clients.

Website design companies advertise, public relations, business and marketing consultants are all eligible to become re-sellers. We offer monthly payments and a liberal percentage on all business you produce. offers you the ability to operate your own business while we provide optimum customer service. Our re-seller program will enhance your client’s leads and sales. Instead of turning business such as search engine optimization away, you can outsource SEO assignments to Link2City.

We have three basic types of Internet marketing and SEO reseller programs
that include, Affiliate Programs for smaller website design firms, Private Label SEO for larger business ventures and Direct SEO Resellers that earn income on every SEO package.

Contact us now, start increasing your revenue and your customer loyalty today.

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