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Website Hosting Technology Upgrade

When it comes to the Internet, there has been a lot of technology changes. They mainly address security, and performance that affects both web hosting servers, and your website.  In the last few months our System Administrator has been working with Rackspace Engineers testing the stability of our hosting environment with these new updates.

Testing has been completed, we are ready for implementation, and have allocated the required man hours and budgets to be able to move forward.  The implementation will be performed with best practices in mind and also to be in compliance with Rackspace’s Acceptable Use Policy, but the end result will be an updated server with better performance and security.

How will this affect my site?

  • All core services will be updated for security, stability, and performance.
  • Hosting/cPanel logins and FTP accounts will change
  • DNS for your domain will need to be updated
  • Website/WordPress logins will not change

Note that most websites will update to the latest technology smoothly however, older sites may have compatibility issues. Unfortunately, we will not know until the update has been completed.

What can you do?

To avoid / minimize the risk of downtime, we highly suggest you contact us before Friday August 7, 2020 so that we to schedule a site evaluation. We will work with you to make sure your site is updated before implementing the server updates. In addition, if you are accessing the hosting backend (cPanel) or utilizing any FTP accounts/services on your account, it is imperative that we hear from you. Please email for more information.

If you do not schedule a site evaluation/update, we will send another email when the server update is done. It will then be imperative that you fully review your site (content and functionality) to make sure there is nothing broken.

If on Link2City’s Maintenance Program, we will apply basic updates to WordPress platform, themes and plugins and that should resolve most any issues. However, if the site was built using legacy versions of any of the new technologies, things may break. If this is the case, fixes may not be covered under Maintenance, and will be billed at your standard hourly rate.

Update- September 9, 2020

Rackspace engineers have finalizing the physical migration as well as the installation of the Operating System and required software packages.

All sites are currently being migrated. If we have access to your DNS, we will update the required records. If we do not, you will be contacted when ready for assistance in updating them.

Once a website is moved over by Rackspace, and the DNS updated, it will be reviewed by the development team, and then again by another team member. However, it is still very important that you, as the site owner, also review it. Please make sure to click on every link, submit any contact forms, and check any functionality. Understanding that migrations are never flawless, that is why it is imperative that the site be checked by the actual owner.

Updated information will be placed here on this page.

If you have any questions, please email


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