Building a new website or working on your current website is not bringing you the search engine results that your website requires. An experienced search engine marketing specialist is what you need.

The way Google’s search engine finds and ranks websites, such as the addition of Panda and Penguin algorithm tools, is by looking for SEO spammers, scrappers and other black hat techniques that Google dislikes.

You can’t be too cautious with the search engine marketing specialist that you hire to do the work you require and the white hat standards Google demands.

Now let’s look at two big changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, Panda and Penguin. This is where a qualified search engine marketing specialist will be of significant benefit for anyone’s SEO needs.

Starting with Panda as it has been around a little longer than Penguin. Panda algorithm’s handle rankings of low quality sites and low in value. Panda’s intention is to spot web pages that are not spam but aren’t good quality. This was the first Panda penalty. Websites hardest hit by the update were known as content farms, thus why Panda was originally called the “Farmer Update.”

In the beginning, people would publish lots of low quality content of keyword stuffed articles that offered know value to the reader. Many publishers would post the exact article to a lot of the article directories or content farms just to get more links. On the other side of the coin Panda will also give better ranking for quality and originality of your website’s content.

Penguin on the other hand is the algorithm that Google uses to catch web spammers and keyword stuffers. Google says that black hat SEO strategies like keyword stuffing, considered web-spam, will get a website in hot water, but less evident strategies, like incorporating links unsuited for outgoing links into page content, will also cause the Penguin algorithm to penalize a site.

These changes will lower ranking for websites that Google believe are violating existing Google guidelines. Remember, a good search engine marketing specialist knows this.
Now Google has said it will continue to update these algorithms on a regular basis. Who knows when the next big algorithm change will come? Google is not playing around any longer. Most search engine marketing specialists are still struggling to catch up. This is where a good search engine marketing specialist would really come in handy.

With all these changes in Google’s search engine algorithms a good search engine marketing specialist can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. You can’t tell one from the other. They promise you the best work, but you’re not sure which to choose or which is best fitted for your needs.

Whomever you choose, must be able to keep up with Google’s search engine changes and work with you and your website for the best ranking and quality of your SEO needs.

We know that our standards can and will meet anyone’s qualifications needed to get the job done. Our search engine marketing specialists are continually working with Google’s search engine algorithms to get the best ranking with the search engines.

We have committed ourselves to be sure that all criteria are met when submitting new content to websites and that all white hat techniques are followed, such as original articles to quality blogs, article directories and web 2.0 sites. With years of experience and knowledge under our belts, we have built a reputation of quality and value for our customers.

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