Discovery Audit Worksheet

According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online before making a purchase. Misinformation or duplicate listings can hurt your rankings and make it difficult for these potential customers to find you online.

Ask yourself these two questions:

Am I listed everywhere I need to be?

Do my listings present the same (and accurate) information?

Let our website experts review your site for you. Provide your website address below, and we will do an in-depth analysis of your site. We will also score your site on a 10-point scale in key areas, including accessibility, SEO, and social media.

You will receive the completed analysis within two (2) business days, including our top recommendations for improving your website.

See what's missing from your online listings across 53 major digital directories:

  • Please enter the Official Company Information exactly how it should appear in the Digital Directories.

  • Who you were referred by
  • An audit report will be completed within 2 business days and an Account Manager will reach out to review and discuss the findings.