Link2City will protect your brand, company and reputation by maintaining your online business website in top-notch condition.’s Brand/Reputation Management will Protect your Business from False Commentary that can hinder your Business Reputation

93% of Internet experiences begin by using a search engine. Your customers are looking online to learn more about your business, but do you know exactly what they are reading and where they are getting it from? Bran/Reputation Management is essential to sustaining an impeccable and free from false commentary website.

With the breakneck speed of the World Wide Web, a company’s hard-won reputation can be tarnished in just hours. Every day- lies, embellishments, smears and false rumors fill different Blogs, newsletters and forums.

Search engines are looking for fresh content to place these posts at the top of their results. There isn’t an “undo” button and defensive posts may only ignite such a situation.

The process of Reputation/Brand Management online identify keywords or key phrases that yield negative postings on Google result pages about company/businesses and their staff.

Link2City’s campaign includes pushing down the negative posts and replacing them with neutral and positive news and messages that is controlled by the company. The objective of this campaign is to push negative posts past page 3 on the Google results pages. Our approach includes:

  • Developing WEBSITES, BLOGS, MICRO-SITES, and CORPORATE PROFILES for you, generating backlinks for the same to develop their unique value to search engine and update them on a regular basis to maintain their value.
  • We produce ARTICLES, BLOGS and PRESS RELEASES with content in high volume on the brand. Positive brand promotion is done effectively throughout- .COM & .AU search engines.
  • The Press Release distribution would be performed through both REGULAR and FEATURED platforms (as per the requirement, wherever they suit better,) so that they get the outmost value and once they’re live, we will do link building for them so that Press Releases become stronger and achieve the Page 1 position by crossing all the negative posts.

Social and Business profiles on high quality sites (which have high Domain Authority and Page Rank,) play crucial role in Reputation Management. Therefore, we will use a lot different kinds of methods- such as, profiles to strengthen your brand on Search Engines.

  • We have always experienced that quality Link Wheel creation gives a high voltage boost to our developed micro blogs, domains, PRs and other resources that will achieve top rank quickly…
  • Running specific AGGRESSIVE LINK BUILDING campaigns for all the properties we will be developing for the project, in order to push them hard on search engines.



I don’t have to worry about the integrity of my company, as I do my part and Link2City takes care of my business online with their reliable, Brand Reputation Management-



Consult with Link2City now and you won’t have to worry any longer about false smears online regarding your business. Call or Email us today!!

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