You recieved an email in reference to the server update and migration to a new server.

We will keep you posted of progress via email. However, please feel free to call if you have any questions or converns.

Please read update below:

Managed Email Outsourcing
Our managed email services are being up-graded. This up-grade will also provide you with better improved Spam and virus protection as well as increase your mail box size by 500% FREE OF CHARGE.

Clients not on managed email service will be giving the chance to take advantage of these services with free set up.

To minimize downtime we will need your help:

We are doing email inventory. Please call us as soon as possible to go over the email box and email forwarding list.
Also, please be sure that all messages on the server are being down load to your local email client (ie. Outlook, Entourage, etc) ; messages from the old server will NOT transfer to the New server. Anything left on the server after the transfer will be deleted.

NOTE: This upgrade does not affect exchange clients

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Link2city at 305259-7776 or email us at

Link2City Inc