Link2City has been updating the architecture and technology and invested significant capital in new supporting hardware.

As part of this commitment we have taken the following steps:
•    MS Exchange Hosting
•    Managed Web Hosting
•    Managed Email Outsourcing


MS Exchange Hosting
As our exchange clients know, the first part of 2010 was amongst the top companies in the US to  upgrade to exchange 2010. In addition to providing clients with the latest technology; we also increased the box size by 500% free of charge.

NOTE: clients still running on our 2007 exchange server are welcome to take advantage of this free up- grade.

Managed Web Hosting
In the next few weeks we will be moving to new web servers with the latest technologies to comply with the latest systems and Google changes. The benefits will be, better performance and improved redundancy.

Clients in our marketing programs will experience new reporting that are more business driven. Also included in the upgrade, we be new monitoring to maximize website up time and enable you to measure and proactively improve site availability , performance, transactions, and finally user experience. Monitoring reporting will be emailed monthly to all clients.

To minimize downtime we will need your help:
•    Site transfer – We will take on moving the site from the old server to the new server. However once the move is completed we will ask you to check the site.
•    DNS up date with registrar– For the domain to point to the new server the DNS record will have to be changed with your Registrar.
•    If Link2City is your Registrar, we will update the DNS for you as part of the Domain Management Service.
•    If Link2City is NOT your Registrar, We will notify you as when this change should be made. Please contact your Registrar to update this record. If you wish we will gladly move your Domain to our management . This will allow us to make this and future DNS changes seamlessly.

Managed Email Outsourcing
Our managed email services are also being up graded, providing improved Spam and virus protection compliant with latest vulnerabilities.

In addition mail box size will also be increased by 500% FREE OF CHARGE.

With the new upgrade it will be more feasible for clients to capitalize on Imap services, thus allowing users to utilize the system more like exchange including synchronization with Blackberry, I-phone etc.

Clients not on managed email service will be giving the chance to take advantage of these services with free set up.

To minimize downtime we will need your help:
IMPORTANT: Starting October 1 please be sure that all messages on the server are being down load to your local email client (ie. Outlook, Entourage, etc) ; messages from the old server will NOT transfer to the New server. Anything left on the server after the transfer will be deleted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Link2city at 305259-7776 or email us at

Link2City Inc