All Website Files Are Moved

We also completed the installation of new ecommerce engine in preparation for the new PCI compliances that merchant banks are requiring now.

Today we will be working on Database migration. We will also submit a request to get SSL transferred- with some poviders new SSL may be required.

By Friday we will have all sites running on the new server

We will email you when DNS with registrar is to be modified

  • Domains we Manage: We will modify the DNS
  • Domains we DO NOT Manage: you will need to contact your registrar to make the change. Note: We will email you  the time and the new DNS with next email. Also this is a good time to find the information for your registrar.

Once the DNS is modified we ask you to check your website -especially for:

  • Changes made during this week have transferred,
  • Contact forms are working
  • Admin access is granted & ordering is working for sites built on ecommerce / content management systems  .

Please notify us of any discrepancies.

The old server will remain running for one week after the change of DNS to allow any discrepancies to be corrected.

We are very excited about this move as it is designed to bring you the latest email technology to improve performance; plus there will be added business tools available. We will email you these features later this week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 305-259-7776 or email us at


Link2City Inc