Link2City Data Center Migration

Earlier this month many Data Centers throughout the United States experienced connectivity issues, which affected businesses across the country.

Although, Link2City has no control or the power to prevent connectivity issues at any Data Center we have been working on a backup plan to be prepared for issues that can rise from Data Centers.

We are migrating to a new Data Center starting tomorrow (4/30/2014.) The migration process will take approximately 5-7 business days to complete. We will send you an email once the migration has reached its completion.

Technically, the migration shouldn’t affect your website or its performance in any way, but to be on the safe side, we recommend and highly advise you to take a few minutes to check your website and its functionality.

Furthermore, as the migration will be ongoing, we ask you all not to make any changes unless they are absolutely necessary. Should you have to make any changes, we ask you to please advise us before the changes are implemented. Also, keep a copy of any and all changes that take place during the migration.

Once you receive the follow up email, which will be informing you of the migration completion, we ask you all to check your websites for the following features:

  • Navigational pages / menus
  • Form submissions
  • Search features
  • Order processing
  • Any other feature that your website consist of should be checked for proper functionality

Link2City thrives on the success of their clients. We pride ourselves in providing excellent services that contributes to your business prosperity and continuous success. In addition, we also do our best in providing ways to ensure “peace of mind” and for this reason we ask you to look forward to our next email and check your websites.

We thank you all for your attention to this matter; rest assured that Link2City works on improving your services on a daily basis.

 If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to contact us.