May 8, 2010, Miami, Florida – As a commitment to better serve its growing number of clients and provide them their much needed information and support, Link2City saw it fit to upgrade its website. This has been successfully accomplished and now the company has unveiled its new site with more comprehensive information and support available in just a few clicks.

The move to upgrade the web portal came after Link2City, a Miami Internet Marketing company, received loads of questions concerning various issues related to improving a business website’s functionality with an end goal to increase sales. Queries about link building, ways to improve conversion rate, how to do social media marketing and how a website rates against its competitors were frequently asked. All these were taken into great consideration and the result is a new clean look and easy to navigate where clients and other web users can get fast access to their most desired information and data.

The Learning Center within the site has been revised to include a wealth of information aimed at providing clients and other web users with an overview of emerging and advanced technologies. The learning center focuses on search engine marketing (SEM) — what it’s all about, how it works, myths and facts, tools you can use, how to market your site and choose the right SEO company to help you with your needs.

A new feature on the website are the links for existing and potential clients to use whenever they need to request for live support (whether via phone, email or chat), a call back or even a proposal. This is in addition to the advice they can ask from an expert or the contact form they can use for other queries. These links are meant to make your visit to Miami SEO firm a secure experience knowing that you can seek assistance in just a single click.

Link2City CEO Danny Sibai is proud of this latest achievement. He takes pride in his team of experts who is always up to the challenge of building a comprehensive solution to help clients develop an effective and successful marketing campaign. Sibai further assured that his company is committed to assisting them in their goals of improving their business brand, increasing web traffic and conversion rate. “At Link2City, we want to make you a key player on the internet,” he said.

Clients can expect more information coming to their email inbox soon as the company will also be publishing newsletters. This can also be accessed through Link2City’s Tweet and Facebook pages. This additional move is geared towards helping business companies and organizations use internet technology to achieve success., a Miami-based SEO firm, is a specialist in search engine marketing and optimization as well as in online business development and coaching with more than 25 years of experience in the field of marketing. It serves numerous companies belonging to different industries in the areas of web and graphic design, website hosting both traditional and green, e-commerce, domain, email and web content management, SEO, link building, social media, corporate logos, copyright and local marketing among others.