Managed Web Hosting / Monday Oct 12, 2010

Your Website is being moved to a new web host server

As emailed you on September 23, 2010- we have been testing new web host servers with the latest operating systems, databases, and latest technologies to comply with the latest systems and Google changes. The benefits will be, better performance and improved redundancy.

The servers are ready and we will start migrating your website to the new servers starting today. We estimate the total migration should be completed by the end of this week. Please minize site update during this week and keep track of all updates done for this week.

To minimize downtime we will need your help:

  • Site transfer – We will take on moving the site from the old server to the new server. However once the move is completed we will ask you to check the site.
  • DNS up date with registrar– For the domain to point to the new server the DNS record will have to be changed with your Registrar.
  • If Link2City is your Registrar, we will update the DNS for you as part of the Domain Management Service.
  • If Link2City is NOT your Registrar, We will notify you as to when this change should be made. Please contact your Registrar to update this record. If you wish we will gladly move your Domain to our management . This will allow us to make this and future DNS changes seamlessly.

We will send you update throught out the week.

We are very excited about this move as it is designed to bring you the latest email technology to improve performance; plus there will be added business tools available. We will email you these features later this week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 305-259-7776 or email us at


Link2City Inc