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Mobilegeddon is here! April 21 was the formal date when Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm kicked in. Since then, Moovweb has tracked “1,000 important e-commerce keywords in a range of industries” to see whether and how it has affected mobile rankings on Google. The company found that 83 percent of the time, the top result was mobile-friendly, and 81 percent of the time, the top three results were. On page one of the Google mobile SERP, 77 percent of results (or 7.7 out of 10) were mobile-friendly.


While there has been some dispute and apparent variation in the impact of Mobilegeddon on different market segments, it’s beyond question that non-mobile-friendly sites in general are being negatively affected. The obvious next step for website owners whose sites are not mobile-ready is to update them ASAP. But the larger objective is not simply to comply with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm but to provide an experience that rewards smartphone searchers and advances the broader business interests of the company among mobile users.

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