Website Optimization Service

Is your website performing at its best?
How quickly does the page load?
Is it sluggish?

Your website’s performance is one of the key factors in ensuring that the visitors are having a good experience with your site. Whether you run a high traffic WordPress installation, a small blog, or a Magento Storefront you should optimize the site’s backend to run as efficiently as possible as every millisecond literally makes a difference.

At Google, they created an experiment to replicate the slowness that accompanies a website or webpage with a bad page load speed. From the user perspective it doesn’t matter much whether the results are returned slowly or the ability of their browser to process those results is slow. In effect, you wouldn’t know that it is your browser that is slow and not the webpage, but it creates the same effect as you would if you were on a webpage that loads slowly.

By dropping the load speed from 100 milliseconds to 600 milliseconds, there was a decrease in the number of searches by 0.2% to 0.6%, results averaged over four to six weeks. You might be tempted to question the significance of these results. It was also discovered that those exposed to a 200 millisecond delay performed 0.22% less searches in the first three weeks and 0.36% less searches in the second three-week period. And with a 400 millisecond delay, the same results followed a decrease of 0.44% and 0.76% in the first and second three week periods. As you can imagine such an impact in the number of searches performed is huge given the scale of Google web search.

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