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Think about this scenario…

You’re a author about to release your next book which has been advertised on media channels and across the web for weeks in advance. Your Publisher notifies you that your new book is fresh off the press and available for purchase. You’ve been updating your website for a coordinated promotional campaign. You point your browser to your website to double check the information, and instead of seeing your homepage, your screen displays this:

Whether you’re an author, a retailer or a professional practitioner, this is not good. The above warning is having the exact opposite effect you’ve worked so hard to create. The viewer (your prospective customer/client) is like the weary medieval traveler who comes upon a village entrance that is marked by a sign warning of leprosy among the village inhabitants. Regardless of how tired you are, you push on to the next village. And so will your prospects.

Even more nefarious is the ever burgeoning appearance of ransomware, where the hackers demand payment (often under the guise of future protection) to “release” your PC from the infection.

Consequences of Hacked Websites

A hacked website will likely result in one (if not both) of the following consequences:

Your Web Host May Take Action

Your web host may have taken your site offline having received reports from visitors or from warnings from their own internal software that your site has been compromised.

With many shared web hosting accounts, it is common practice for the host to suspend your entire account until all the malicious files are removed. This means hundreds of your (or your clients) sites will be down at the web hosts’ discretion. Having a clean backup of your site is imperative for situations like these.

Your SEO May Take A Hit

Search engines may either remove your site from search results if it is notified that your site has been hacked. In some cases the site may still be listed, but will be flagged with a message saying that “This site may be hacked” or “This site may harm your computer”. When you click through to the website using Chrome, the browser will provide one of the warnings above. User’s using a different browser may receive no warning or a different warning error, which is why the warning is also included in the search results.

In either scenario, your business or enterprise has lost trust with prospective customers. Their immediate search to find another provider may create a new lasting relationship with that new provider all because your website fell victim to a malicious third party activities.

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Mobilegeddon is here! April 21 was the formal date when Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm kicked in. Since then, Moovweb has tracked “1,000 important e-commerce keywords in a range of industries” to see whether and how it has affected mobile rankings on Google. The company found that 83 percent of the time, the top result was mobile-friendly, and 81 percent of the time, the top three results were. On page one of the Google mobile SERP, 77 percent of results (or 7.7 out of 10) were mobile-friendly.


While there has been some dispute and apparent variation in the impact of Mobilegeddon on different market segments, it’s beyond question that non-mobile-friendly sites in general are being negatively affected. The obvious next step for website owners whose sites are not mobile-ready is to update them ASAP. But the larger objective is not simply to comply with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm but to provide an experience that rewards smartphone searchers and advances the broader business interests of the company among mobile users.

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If you are in the entertainment business, or with actors and other entertainers as clients, you will need a website that can actively engage with users. You will need a site that can project an artistic approach and entice users to click on this. In this regard, you will need a site developed to fit your specific need, and that is to project an artistic approach towards entertainment. This is a specialized field, and need a web developer specific for this purpose, and not just any other web developer one can found here or there. You will need the web design solution specific for this, one that will be able to speak specifically for your product or what you have, while at the same time entertain your viewers, and you can have this with Entertainment Web Development Miami. You will need one that can develop a website that can visually attract users and at the same time keep them entertained, for them not to leave.

A custom designed website is what you need, one that can do what you want, like probably having downloadable video clips or audio clips, streaming media platforms, or other video or audio options you want. This is a specialized field where you want to have success because your website is not just an ordinary one, with just simple user needs. You will need a website that can instantly grab the user’s attention, the first moment they land on your page, giving them no option to go away instantly, because of the attention they get. You can be in the entertainment industry, and where many users can easily get bored when they are not visually entertained on what they see. What you need is a site developed specifically for this objective.

Your website should be one having an edge over the rest, and this you cannot do if this is not developed according to this need. You may already have a clear plan on what to have, but you will only have this realized if you have the web development company that can make this into a reality. You will need a website that can effectively project what you want to users in the more effective manner, and this can be through visual reality where they can also act and engage immediately.

You will need this if you are in film or television, or the music or fashion industry, or any kind of entertainment field you are in. You will need the website with a visual grasp of things the moment that users and clients click on this, and probably you cannot do this on your own, even if you have IT background.

You will need one that is really with the specialized skills and you will have this with help from a web development company with the professionally skilled team for this purpose. You need those with the expertise and this can be with Entertainment Web Development Miami where you can be sure of their professional skills on the making of this.

For sure most of us would have already made their own website whether a very basic one or a very complicated one. Of course we would be extremely curious on how the website works so it would make sense that we would make one for ourselves. Maybe some would use it for fun only but some use it for very serious reasons and some use it for work. Those of us who do not use it for work would not mind that our website would be left in the dust but for those who have it for business or work, they would not want it to have bugs and such because it is their way of making money. So to fix those problems, they will make some website maintenance for that. Here are the perks you get for doing such a routine.

The best thing about having maintenance for your website is that you get to fix up some things that you think you have misplaced while you were designing the website. It is impossible for anyone to get everything working perfectly right away because there will always be human mistakes. You will always find some hijinks and slight errors when someone thoroughly navigates your website and through their comments, you can then patch those up by doing maintenance. Customers and visitors will understand because you, as an owner and designer of a website, are only human and you will always make mistakes along the way.

Another perk of maintaining a website is you can clean up your website. There are times that your website will have some unnecessary designs or it would have too many “dirty” features that you did not want to be there but had to for special reasons. So to clean that all up, you can maintain your website for a while where by then you can clean up those unnecessary things that you have put up. After that you will have a very clean website that your visitors will truly appreciate.

Another perk of getting your website some maintenance is you can get an excuse of taking down some old features and installing new ones or in other words, you can upgrade your website in the process. It is not all about taking out the bugs and cleaning it up, you can also upgrade your website’s features, information and many more through the maintenance period. Many web designers do it so it should not be a problem for you.

These are the perks of having website maintenance. These are very valuable perks that you can gain through maintenance so better be sure to use that period of time wisely.