We help businesses utilize Internet technology to design user friendly website that is marketing/ sales focused, optimize site code to be search engine friendly that focuses on target market and develop backend applications to maximize site usability and reduce operation overhead. Link2City excels in providing superior search engine optimization services.

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With over 25 years experience in marketing, Link2City provides the highest quality Internet solutions. We provide client centered—strategic and pro-active web based services that are cost effective and sales-driven. Integrity that you can take to the bank, balanced with exceptional technical skills are the most important characteristics that Danny Sibai,- Link2City’s CEO and highly trained staff possess. will go above and beyond to provide your online business website with the results that you need and that is a guarantee!

In the beginning one of my primary goals was to create the type of company that would attract and retain employees and associates that are talented, ethical and hungry to service our clients like family members.

The Internet is constantly changing and evolving. We value the contribution we have been able to make furthering the education of our clients and the business community. When our clients are knowledgeable and informed they make informed decisions.

One of our primary objectives is to increase your sales as we reduce your overhead. Uniquely qualified, our firm earned a place in the top three positions for search engine marketing and placed in the top 25 for Web Design Firms in South Florida.

My vision for Link2city is the same as the vision you have for your company, to be an industry leader.Leaders innovate, educate and dedicate themselves providing services to their clients above and beyond the competition. We intend to lead the Internet and web based services industry, by providing customizable, profit driven solutions that are also user friendly and scaled to the needs of your business.

Internet technology is complex. Link2city is a full service provider; this means we are a one-stop-solution. We intend to be smarter, run faster and remain stronger than our competitors.

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Link2City raises the bar, as they are extremely hands-on and committed to providing the best talent and service out there. They go above and beyond, are an absolute pleasure to work with, and continue to over-deliver with each project. They have a great understanding and appreciation for what we do and I love their "make it happen" kind of attitude!"

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