Social Media Sites are crucial for online marketing of your business and Link2City will make your business known nationwide via Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is Growing at an Annual Rate of 34%!

Social Media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Blogs are growing in popularity at an incredible rate. Millions of people worldwide are already using these social media websites to market their businesses. Facebook alone, already has more active users than the entire United States population and with Link2City’s Social Media Marketing services your business can take the lead in its industry.

Social Media is a largely untapped venue for the online marketing of your business. Through virtual networking you can get your message out to many people and increase the awareness of your brand.

Online communities, such as Forums and Message Boards are an excellent venue to establish an online presence and get your company’s message communicated to thousands of Internet users.

Online communities are usually focused on a single industry or a general topic. People that contribute to discussions in those communities are interested in a given subject, this makes them a highly targeted market. will create your social network accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogs! As a part of ongoing maintenance, we will add friends, connections and fans to your profiles to ensure that your message is being seen on the Internet.

We maintain your pages allowing you to run your business! will also identify communities related to your industry and start accounts on their websites. Through relevant discussion, we will gain trust of the communities and spread the word of your company and the services and/or products that you provide. will target blogs to increase your exposure on the Internet and have your message seen by even more people! Social Media Marketing Strategy helps you to connect customers and prospects through different online platforms.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Include:

Facebook– Designed to match the look and feel of the site, have calls to action to drive people to the site and have an opt-in form to help you collect leads from the page.

Twitter– Account set-up, design background, write bio and establish programs for audience building (gaining followers.)

Blog– Develop and set up company blog used to feature daily, weekly or monthly posts; company/industry news, products and services. Also, used to create communication with customers and future prospects.

Social Bookmarking– A very powerful tool for SEO experts. The process involves linking sites within various forums, blogs and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites, such as- Digg…


With Link2City’s Social Media Marketing expertise I have gained in little time more than 10,000 followers just on Twitter!!



Consult with one of Link2City’s highly trained professionals today and allow us to manage your Social Media Sites to expose your business to even a lager online audience.

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