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US MED is committed to providing outstanding care and exceptional service. Through our trained professionals and clinicians, US MED offers a wide range of medical supplies and services.


Get leads at a low cost per conversion to improve the ROI (Return on Investment)


A nationwide Google PPC campaign optimizing the following items on daily/weekly basis

  • Keyword match adjustments based on the keywords performance and actual Search Terms that users type
  • Ad Scheduling to create custom bids for different times based on their individual performances
  • Location adjustments to exclude those that were not producing conversions and increase bid to the best performance locations
  • Device adjustments to increase bid on the best performance devices


  • We not only reached the targeted cost per lead, but also decreased it even more
  • The Conversion rate increased to 35.75%
  • The Impression share in the Google Auction is similar or above to our main competitors

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

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