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Mobilegeddon is here! April 21 was the formal date when Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm kicked in. Since then, Moovweb has tracked “1,000 important e-commerce keywords in a range of industries” to see whether and how it has affected mobile rankings on Google. The company found that 83 percent of the time, the top result was mobile-friendly, and 81 percent of the time, the top three results were. On page one of the Google mobile SERP, 77 percent of results (or 7.7 out of 10) were mobile-friendly.


While there has been some dispute and apparent variation in the impact of Mobilegeddon on different market segments, it’s beyond question that non-mobile-friendly sites in general are being negatively affected. The obvious next step for website owners whose sites are not mobile-ready is to update them ASAP. But the larger objective is not simply to comply with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm but to provide an experience that rewards smartphone searchers and advances the broader business interests of the company among mobile users.

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clicktocall_200If you want to increase phone calls to your business, we have the solution! Click-to-Call campaigns allow you to focus on getting more people to call you straight from your Google ads. With these campaigns, you’ll be able to use CPC bidding based on the value of a call to your business. You’ll also be able to add your existing phone information to your new ads.

There really is a world of opportunity right in your own community that is just waiting for you to tap into it. The searches are happening every day, you have an opportunity for them to find you.
When it comes to marketing, everything you do needs to get real, measurable results. If you think about other forms of advertising that you might choose none of them can provide the instant feedback that pay per response provides.

iphoneclicktocalscreenlHOW IT WORKS: We will be creating your Ad On all high-end mobile devices (such as iPhones and Android and Tablet devices with full Internet browsers) & Desktops/Laptops. When buyers & sellers do a search on Google for your business in your area, we make sure they can find you directly ahead of your competition in the premium ad section of Google. We shape our strategies and goals around what will work for your business.
Now you can make it even easier for people to get in touch with you by putting your name and adding a click to call icon when your ads also appear on their device. If you want to encourage searchers to call your business, make it easy for them to do so by utilizing the Call feature.

Additional Information:

  • We will build your ad and feature all of your information in the sponsored ad results of Google
  • Save time by having a certified marketing account manager manage your Ad Campaign
  • Feature a “Call” icon on mobile devices so potential clients can call you directly
  • Feature a link to your website on Desktops & Tablets
  • Top Active Keywords, Search & Phrases Relevant to your industry
  • Feature your name on all devices supported by Google (Mobile, Tablets and Desktop)
  • $500 Minimum Monthly Rate USD
  • $99.99 One-time activation fee
  • Calls Can come in during the days and hours you choose
  • 3 Month Commitment

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A lot of benefits can be acquired by a business, with SEO done to the website. High rankings on the search engines can be achieved, and with this high rank, volumes of traffic can be generated. From the huge volume of traffic coming in, potential conversions can be acquired and also the potential sales ultimately generated. All these can be possibilities, but efficiency in the implementation of Search Engine Optimization has to be done, for these possibilities to get real. SEO can be done by anybody, but not all can become successful in the process. SEO can get complex, especially in achieving the good results, but Search Engine Optimization can also be a simple strategy. It is easily understandable, and one can just search for this on the internet, and everything is there. But efficiency in the process can be the problem, and thus getting also the better results. However, aid from the experts can be of big help in this matter, like help from SEO Company Miami. With them you will get the good possibilities, and landing on the first page of the search results will be a big possibility. With them helping you, creating a potential successful site will be a reality.

Creating a more user friendly website will be achieved with efficient SEO implemented. Users will easily find what they are looking for because of your website being SEO user friendly. They will find your website with the contents they are looking for because you are providing the specific answers to them. You will have the specific keywords and access to your sites inside pages will be easy. Probably they can find other useful information from your inside pages, and they will have easy access to this. With this website that users will find very useful, contentment will be acquired and they will have no use on making further searches because you already provided the answers to what they are looking for.

Finding new and additional customers and viewers will not be a problem with efficient SEO implemented. The high ranking you get will provide these additional viewers and potential customers. When people make a search for your keywords, they will be able to link to your site, through the top ranking you are getting on the search results. With this good volume of traffic and viewers coming to your site, the growth of your company will also be expected. You will get good sales from the traffic generated, thus the growth acquired.

The market is very competitive these days that getting the high ranking should be aimed. With Search Engine Optimization implemented, this will be a reality, but optimizing your website with the latest in technology, have to be done. The fast growing mobile needs of users should make you think of optimizing your website, to make it mobile capable. With this innovation you do, the growth of your business will be achieved. This may not be easily done, but doing this with the help of the experts, you will have this realized. Do this with the real professionals and the experts, and this can be SEO Company Miami helping you.

Advertising is a popular marketing practice that has helped countless number of companies spread the word about their existing business or newly established products or services. Marketing has taken several shapes and form throughout the years and it is constantly changing even as we speak. With that said, these changes were made for the overall benefit of the business process making it easier and accessible for all at the same time. Several marketing approaches were introduced and one of the noteworthy additions is Search Engine Optimization. A lot of companies are making good use of such approach in getting their target audience. SEO firm Miami is able to provide the tools and assistance to keep their clients up to date.

Having a target audience is advised as one can direct their focus towards them and this is particularly helping in several marketing approach. Companies and business owners do their best in keeping customers aware and informed about their existing product or service. They were able to reach such goal with the help of competent SEO Agency found today. With their assistance, online users get the latest and most relevant information that they are looking for through several search engine results. Getting the marketed website in top of search engine results is what SEO Agency focus their attention with. Search engine results do play a very integral role in keeping the interest of online users intact.

The top ranks of a search engine result will be the ones that online users will most likely visit. This is because most of these top results are usually the ones who are up to date with the latest information. Online users and people in general often find opportunity and invest with the very first companies that they see. The same can be said with regards to products and services found online. Business owners can make use of such feature by ranking high in several search engine results. This is made possible with the help of SEO Agency . SEO firms produce online content which is provided to their clients on a regular basis. This online content contributes in keeping the marketed website updated while helping them slowly climb the ladder with regard to search engine results. With that said, research and analysis is done to produce high quality articles that provide the much needed information to its readers. Specific keywords are used and links to the marketed website to garner attention as well.

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