Need to know

Myth Fact
Meta-tags are what search engines use to rank websites.           Search engines used to use Meta-tags to rank sites – search engines now use 100’s of variables including title tags, content, freshness of content, key phrase density and links. Meta-tags have little if any influence on rankings.
Hidden text, and other ways of hiding content are good ways to increase key phrase density on a website. Any tricks including hidden text to attempt to increase rankings may work in the short term. However, search engines employ filters to clean out sites using “spammy” techniques and in some cases may ban sites that us tricks.
If you build it they will come. If you just build and launch a site, the vast majority of the time it will not rank and will not receive traffic. A site needs to be built in a search engine friendly manner, and then once launched a complete Internet marketing campaign needs to be implemented including optimization, paid search marketing, linking and more. Competing websites are probably already using a marketing campaign, so a site without a campaign will be left with little or no traffic.
Analytics is Free. Yes Google Analytics is free, but setting up an account, implementing the code correctly, building filters and profiles, creating custom reports, providing support, and more takes time and more importantly expertise. If you want to ensure that the data you are reviewing is complete and a true representation of what is happening on your site you should be using a Certified Google Analytics Consultant. In addition once you have the data, what does it mean and what should you do with it, are questions that are better answered by seasoned Internet Marketers.
Website-designers should know how to rank websites. Website-designers know how to create aesthetically pleasing websites – they want the website to look good. Many designers do not have the time, expertise or interest to be knowledgeable about Internet marketing techniques. Internet marketers are concerned with driving traffic to sites and ROI – designers are concerned with creating attractive sites.

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