Why Search Engine marketing

Search engines are the market makers of the Internet

In recent years, the Internet has become a powerful medium for communicating to customers, increasing sales and developing brand recognition.

The chosen vehicle by users for navigating the net is the search engine. They connect consumers with providers at the very moment of consumer interest and enables all of us to find exactly what we want, when we want it. As such, search engine marketing (SEM) cannot be ignored as a necessary component in every compressive marketing strategy. It is a high volume, cost effective and delivers highly targeted leads.

High Volume

Audience reach is constantly growing wider as internet usage becomes more and more commonplace in households and business places. According to the Internet World Stats– Internet users in North America has exceeded 233 million and this number is growing. This equals approximately 70% of the population. Ryan P. Allis, author of Zero to One Million, states over 60% of consumers use the Internet during the research and consideration phases of the buying cycle.

Cost Effective

Paid search campaigns are action-based, so fees are only charged after a click is made on an ad. Organic search rankings are slower to take effect but once they do, be prepared for an influx of free traffic. Being visible on the first few page is very important because most users will give up after three searches, according to a Search Engine Usage study.

Highly Targeted

The leads delivered are highly targeted because the visitors are currently searching for your product and/or service when they come in contract with your marketing communications.

Today’s Internet user is experienced and loyal. According to an Enquiro study, over 72% of participants have over 5 years of experience using the internet with 70% preferring Google as their search engine. Make sure you include online marketing in your marketing strategy or you will be missing out on a huge audience. In addition, your competitors are probably already in the search engines increasing their exposure and market share.

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