EMAIL SERVICE UPDATE / Monday Oct 4, 2010

The Move Is On

The email upgrade is scheduled for this afternoon & tomorrow. Depending on the exports list some domains will be today and remaining tomorrow.  This message and upgrade does NOT affect exchange users.

IMPORTANT for this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon please keep your outlook open overnight. You will know your account has switched over when outlook prompts login failure error or you stop receiving email completely. DO NOT WORRY NO email is being lost. It just means the mail is now getting to the new server.

NOTE To confirm email is getting to the new server webmail:

  • Go to webmail =
  • User name = your email address
  • Password = same you have always used .

If you want to continue using webmail to manage mail then do nothing else.

If you want to use outlook then you need to change setting in outlook:

  • Go to Email Account setting- found under Outlook Tools
  • Select View or change an existing e-mail account
  • Select your domain name account to change
  • Change POP3 Server: POP.MAILANYONE.NET

The old server will remain available till Friday Oct 8, 2010. This server is scheduled to go off-line for a complete reformat the week of Oct 10 2010.

We are very excited about this move as it is designed to bring you the latest email technology to improve performance; plus there will be added business tools available. We will email you these features later this week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 305-259-7776 or email us at


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