Link2City is a digital agency founded on the premise that client results come first. We provide strategy, design, development and online marketing services, with ROI as our factor for success. Our ability to attach a strategic and thoughtful approach to digital content has proven to give us an advantage over larger agencies.’s Non-Profit Organization Website Development, Website Design and Online Marketing is a leading web solution firm for non-profit organizations. Since 1998 we have had the great privilege of assisting hundreds of non-profit organizations, furthering their causes.’s excellent products/services and solutions make quality websites accessible to most nonprofit organizations.

With the global economy in turmoil, nonprofit organizations are struggling to meet the demands of so many needy people. The professional nonprofit consultants at Link2city are also tech savvy marketing experts. We are up to the challenges that you are facing because we have more than 20 years experience providing revenue-generating solutions for nonprofits.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for you, because without the help nonprofit organizations are capable of providing, people suffer. We know that you have a vision that includes increasing the number of donations you want to receive from your website. We have a solution that will help bring your vision to fruition.

We share your concern to make this world a better place. We have Ecommerce, Internet marketing and website design solutions that will leverage website visitors and transform them into donors. You have needs that for-profit organizations do not have because the nature of your organization is not to generate revenue it is to generate donations.

Contact us now for better Internet marketing, website design and E-commerce solutions because with each passing day, more people need you.


Link2City met (and exceeded) my expectations for our organization new Website. The Link2City team is great at what they do – talented, attentive and thorough. They took care of everything I asked for in a professional and competent way, and blew away the work of our old Web.

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